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The name's Lachlan, and welcome to my HRaero Channel!

Here I play a bunch of video games including Fortnite (Just kidding its pretty much Fortnite)

❱ Minecraft Account Username: Lachlan
❱ Pokemon Go Username: Lachlan485
❱ Fortnite Account name (PC): PWR Lachy
❱ Reddit Account: Lachlan_
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  1. Jacob Bosch

    Bro his saying fish when it’s a banana

  2. Mhmd Hmdn

    Part 2

  3. Suraj Venkataraman

    This squad is OP


    bro I don't know if you see this but you are the best and I hope you know that God bless

  5. Griffin Goble

  6. Mark Xyruz Acop

    This bring alot of memories to me

  7. Luca Alsop

    Reaction to orange just

  8. Kinky Barney

    Slone: Betrays everyone and doesn’t want Kevin back Kevin: And I took that personally


    Could you please add and play with me my user is TTV_controllerxx

  10. Kacper Smieciuch

    oof oof

  11. Deadset

    This honestly looked so fun

  12. eric cheng cheng

    You missed the aug

  13. Red

    Oh epic messed now boi

  14. zarrarfn

    This video is not the end of an era it was the start of a great era. ❤

  15. tim

    1:53 how do you even build that before even placing anything? pc builders are the worst in fortnite lmao

  16. sumrrz7

    overstands is a wish version of nate hill

  17. Doge

    I am triggered that venom is back in the item shop and I can’t afford it

  18. Arissi

    Crying rn

  19. Arissi

    crying rn

  20. Fe4r13sš

    Lachy if u want to play controller again I can play with you and help u

  21. Zain Sayadi

    Why didn’t you get reneeee

  22. Danaxx77xx

    This is impossible to be A.F.K player win in fortnite

  23. Tammy Gilmour

    We all knew he was gonna rank his skin at the top

  24. Dyet Kola

    Green👽ade Launchers

  25. Ahmad Mohd Salem A O Aljallaf Almehairi

    Lachlan ur the best

  26. Liam Guy

    I got 11 ads in this video


    i actually learned how to 90 in an hour

  28. Joris Ker

    You forgot slurp cannon

  29. Fried Rice

    this squad is so fire bro 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Ashish Sangeesh

    Omg love it

  31. Ashish Sangeesh


  32. Dextrous

    Notice how lazarbeam was there after the win in round2

  33. Catgamer2011

    Omg so funny I’m a big fan btw

  34. Alex V

    We were so happy and we didn't know it

  35. FAZZI

    You should do invisible hide and seek again, because the crystals are back

  36. Atom z

    I know we thought chances was tfue

  37. kj the gamer

    What's your name locky ()

  38. Chad Bedderson

    Nah that Chrismas skin is a bot even the bugha skin is a bot

  39. Jayden Donnelly


  40. BipalBK

    lachlan could u do "luchlan says" it is very funny.

  41. Logan Melcum

    When you have the carnage and venom mythics and you still die to fall damage smh 🤦‍♂️

  42. Luqman_FN

    “Strengthen the corner” bruh if people would should the metal around the strong thing you done for

  43. Milly Wheeler


  44. SmirkyGlint

    You mist the og zapper trap

  45. GamerFNM

    Lachlan I tried to get in your game last night I was sad because I couldn’t please add me my name is DanGamer5486

  46. Junaid Mughal


  47. Holly

    Me looking for the chapter 2 season 8 venom mythic watching this cause your so Pog


    U should have kept turtle in use friend list during the stream @Lachlan

  49. Aussie Ladz

    Who else is here 3 years later

  50. X_Slayz_X Gaming

    Bring back the pack

  51. 50 subscribers in 24 hours

    Read my name actually........

  52. 50 subscribers in 24 hours

    Read my name actually........

  53. Red Pyro

    Is there a map code for this?

  54. Yayeet Class

    You are so good gndjfjgjvhgjt

  55. jojo

    I was trutle I liked playing random dou with you

  56. Gian Mayores

    True i try this and it works

  57. Delmyy


  58. Vimzi

    Nice vid

  59. MistyyFN

    I remember the stream when you played with turtle that was poggers

  60. Unfairkibbles3

    "Legend of war" 💀💀💀💀💀

  61. Thomas Smith

    knocked down pawn hub lol

  62. Cooper Hawke

    could u do an old mincraft video with pack because that made me who i am today

  63. Pali’s Family

    I amagine the armor wall is has unlimited hp

  64. bang sat


  65. bang sat

    This give old vide

  66. TTV Junior Sweats

    such good vids

  67. Nix Music

    The og skybase meme. We always love it ❤️